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People Analytics

People Analytics

Key features

Making your data work for you.

  • Real-time dashboards

    Instant access to a wide range of real-time visual payroll & HR dashboards which summarise large amounts of data into digestible chunks to deliver an accurate and highly intelligent view of your business.

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    Personal dashboards*

    Create your own personal dashboard to display the key information for your role using the intuitive dashboard builder.

  • Predictive analytics

    Predictive analytics gives businesses the information they need to plan for the future based on the probability of different scenarios happening. Through identifying potential opportunities and risks, businesses can optimise their operations and streamline their business decision making process.
    *Only available on People Analytics Advanced

  • Business Intelligence tools*

    Easily export your data and results to various Business Intelligence tools.

  • Customisable metrics*

    Slice and dice the data on your personal dashboard to deliver the results that are meaningful to you.

  • Data filtering

    Easily segment and filter your data to refine the information and display the results you require.

Awesome benefits

Making the most of your data.

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  • Comprehensive Payroll & HR Insights

    See real-time, data-driven insights from clever metrics and machine learning that provide insights, helping you steer and guide your payroll & HR strategy.

  • Increase employee retention

    Measuring and understanding why and when your employees leave helps you identify and address key issues causing employee turnover.

  • Drive business performance and efficiency

    Speed up your decision-making process and easily identify issue areas that require attention. Analytics will help you predict future events, including alerts for flight risks.

  • Better manage your people costs

    Better understand and manage the true costs of your people. Plan future and current labour costs with easy-to-view dashboards and customisable metrics for the data you need.

  • Maximise your people‚Äôs talent

    Have the ability to identity skill gaps, view employees, current performance and identify training requirements enabling you to maximise your people investments.

  • Absence management

    Get a real handle on your absence data. Understand when absence is peaking, what departments are struggling with absence and how much it is costing you as a business.

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