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Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance

Key features

Record employee working hours and site attendance – digitalising time & attendance capture, removing wasted time and ‘time theft.’

  • Cloud-based

    Your employees can clock in and out from their PC or mobile device through employee self-service.

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    Effective cost allocation

    Allocate employees’ time against different cost centres, jobs or products.

  • Flexi-time

    Specify ‘core’ times that your employees must be present and they can work flexible hours for the rest. Time Authorisation Employees can request changes to timesheet data via self-service. Managers or Administrators can then authorise requests.

  • On-site clocking In

    Traditional clocks or bio-metric devices such as fingerprint scanners allow on-site employees to clock in and out of work easily and securely.

  • Workforce management

    Automatically set working schedules and record absences, giving managers the ability to provide flexible control over the workforce.

  • Reporting

    Moorepay Time & Attendance has built-in reporting and query tools, enabling you to create bespoke online reports.

Awesome benefits

Remove the hassle of timesheets

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  • Reduce errors

    Reduce the risk of human errors, while ensuring an easy, impartial, and orderly approach in addressing specific needs.

  • Increase productivity

    Free up your employees’ time, decreasing staffing overheads and provide supervisors with data for more effective management.

  • Reduced employee workload

    Eliminate the need for your employees to spend time every week or month preparing timesheets or using a mechanical timecard.

  • Save money

    Are you wasting time manually collecting, managing, calculating and processing time data? All this is done for you, increasing efficiency and saving money.

  • Increase employee satisfaction

    T&A can be a pain for you and your employees. Improve your employee relations by giving them secure access to personal data online via a cloud-based solution.

  • Eco-friendly

    Being cloud-based, you’ll never have to use paper documents to track your employees’ time and attendance again – reducing your company’s carbon footprint.

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