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Your questions, answered.

You’re moving your payroll from Natural HR, to Moorepay’s awards winning payroll software. This is your centralised hub for FAQs. If you’re looking for payroll eLearning you can find it on our Training Hub. Of course, you can chat to your project manager at any time who will direct your enquiry.

Payroll training session FAQs

We answer the most commonly asked questions about your 121 payroll training.

  • How will my training session be booked?

    Once you’ve had your kick off call with your project manager, you’ll agree key dates and milestones regarding your implementation and parallel runs. We like to train you as close as possible to implementation so you can retain the information, and so the session is truly valuable. Once your migration date is agreed  your project manager will book you in with a training manager.

  • How do I attend my virtual training session?

    Our virtual training sessions are hosted on Microsoft Teams. Once your date and time has been agreed with your trainer, you’ll receive an invite via email and you’ll be able to see the training session in your diary.

  • What database will I be trained on?

    During a training session you’ll be trained on a demo database. The database will have dummy data in so you’ll get the visual of what your system will look like once live.

  • What online training is available to me?

    You can access all Moorepay payroll training material via the Moorepay training hub. There are a couple of courses we recommend to all of our payroll customers.


    Managed payroll customers:

    The managed payroll process

    Running your managed payroll


    Payroll software customers:

    Payroll process (software)

  • How many people can attend virtual training sessions?

    We recommend having no more than six attendees (admins) on a virtual training session. This is to ensure attendees gather real value from our trainer.

  • How long will my session be?

    Virtual sessions will be no more than 3 hours.

  • Who will attend the training session?

    The training session will be hosted by a Moorepay trainer, a payroll representative from Natural HR will be on the call to ensure any system variances can be called out on the call.

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Your eLearning

Got questions on data synchronisation and input? Check out our digital eLearning to ensure you know what’s what in your system.

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Technical FAQs

Got questions on things like data transfer, integration and Natural HR and Moorepay integration? Check out some of these FAQs.

  • Where are timesheet held?

    Timesheets will be added and approved in Natural HR before being synced across to Moorepay.

  • Is unpaid leave integrated?

    Unpaid leave will not sync across to Moorepay as part of Phase 1. The absence sync from Natural HR to Moorepay will be limited to sickness and holiday records only for phase 1.

  • How does the integration work?

    This is a one-way integration of employee data from Natural HR to Moorepay, with Payslips and Benefits being sent back from Moorepay to Natural HR at the end of each pay run. SSO will be available between the 2 systems.

    Please note, documentation and training will be provided.

  • What data can flow through to payroll?

    Employee HR data for new starters and leavers along with changes to core HR data. This is data that is required for payroll, including: home address, bank details and contract details.

    Employee Payments, Deductions, Timesheets, Expenses and Mileage will also be synced across from Natural HR to Moorepay.

  • Can data flow back from MP to NHR?

    For phase 1 data flowing back into Natural HR will be limited to Benefit data, Payslip data and Payroll summary data. This will allow for some basic reporting within Natural HR.

  • Will Analytics also use Natural HR system information in its results or Moorepay only data?

    No change to how Moorepay Analytics currently works. Moorepay Analytics will continue to use Moorepay data only. However, this will include basic HR employee information passed through from Natural HR.

  • What workflows are available in Natural HR that can be integrated with Payroll specific data? Such as new starters/leavers pro rata calcs.

    Only approved changes and information will be passed to Moorepay. Where Natural HR workflows contain approval, this will take place prior to any data transfer. There will be no ability to integrate Moorepay steps into the workflow process. New starters and Leavers will be passed over once any approval workflows have been completed within Natural HR and then Moorepay will use current pro rata calculations and processes.

  • What will happen with my pension and benefits?

    Pensions and Benefits are not included in the data synced from Natural HR to Moorepay Payroll. However, at the end of each pay run Moorepay will send back pensions & benefits data from payroll to Natural HR so it can be viewed within the existing Custom Benefits tables within Natural HR and can be included on the Total Reward statement.

    Pensions and benefits imported from Moorepay Payroll will be read-only records and cannot be edited or deleted from within Natural HR.

  • Where will variable payments/ deductions be input?

    The majority of variable payments will be entered into Natural HR. Anything added to the payment screen will be sent through to Payroll. Start and end dates can be added, this can be used for one off period amounts or for ongoing payments.

    Alternatively, timesheets to input this data as this will also sync across to payroll. Timesheet data will be loaded into Natural HR and will have a reference allocated against it. The reference will dictate the rate at which to pay, much as it does today in Natural HR.

  • Where do I input my P45 details?

    These are a payroll function so will be maintained in Moorepay.

  • Where is leave held?

    Sickness and Holiday will be added and approved in Natural HR before being synced across to Moorepay.

    All parental leave and unpaid leave can be entered into Natural HR if required but will not sync across to Moorepay. Parental leave and unpaid leave will need to be entered directly into the Moorepay system to be reflected into payroll.

  • What happens with SSP/OSP?

    Sickness will be entered into Natural HR and synced across to Moorepay. SSP/OSP will then be calculated within Moorepay payroll, following the usual Moorepay procedure.

  • Is it in real-time?

    Natural HR will send the data to Moorepay as soon as possible once changes have been made (and approved if required). These changes will then be available in Moorepay almost immediately once they have passed validation within the API.

    If the payroll is in a lockdown period, the data changes will be captured in a holding table until the lockdown period is over and payroll records can be updated.

  • Is there a validation check of the data?

    Yes, the core HR data will be validated where possible when entered into Natural HR (e.g. Title and National Insurance number).

    The API will also validate admin set up fields such as payment codes to ensure the assigned payment code matches one that has been set up within Moorepay.

  • Where will my reporting sit?

    Current reporting capabilities for both systems will be maintained. For customers using Natural HR and wanting to report within Natural HR then they will have access to all of the HR data plus basic payroll information as found on payslips.

    Moorepay Analytics will also be available. However, this will only contain limited HR information and cross system reporting will not be available within phase 1.

  • What Mobile App access will my employees have?

    There will be no changes to the Mobile App for phase 1. Natural HR is fully mobile responsive so customers using Natural HR self service will be able to access self-service on mobile devices. There will not be a dedicated Natural HR Mobile App for phase 1.

  • How do I access Moorepay Payroll from Natural HR?

    From within the existing Finance menu, which can be found in the left-hand navigation bar, there’s an option called ‘Payroll’.

    When Payroll is selected, 3 additional options will become available to select:

    • Payroll
    • Payslips
    • Sync Errors

    Selecting the ‘Payroll’ option will open Moorepay Payroll in a new browser tab. As a user you will be logged in seamlessly, completely bypassing the Moorepay login page. You will then be able to move back and forth between the two systems with ease.

  • Where will fixed allowances/ deductions be input?

    All payments and deductions will be maintained in Natural HR. Where Moorepay has restrictions that Natural HR does not have around end dates then you would receive a Sync Error in Natural HR which would notify you that the payment or item needs reviewing.

  • Where do I maintain my pensions information?

    These are a payroll function so will be maintained in Moorepay.