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Annual Payroll Report 2020

The Survey

We surveyed 400 business professionals from a range of business sizes and industries to understand what’s happening in the payroll profession right now, including:

  • What's changed in the payroll industry since 2019?
  • What trends are we seeing that will shape the future of payroll?
  • How is advancing technology impacting the payroll profession?

2020 has been a difficult year for many businesses - and for payroll teams everywhere, a lot has changed.

Find how if the events of this year have affected the payroll industry by downloading the report today.

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Key Findings

Processing Payroll

Payrollers are choosing to move their payroll in-house


Payroll solutions are becoming predominantly cloud-based

HR Software

HR software is increasingly popular


Businesses are more likely to stay with their current providers than switch

Webinar Recording

Industry Briefing | Annual Payroll Survey 2020

Watch this webinar to understand the key findings of the report in context.

The panel consists of:

  • Christina Holloway, Director of Payroll Service Excellence
  • Anthony Vollmer, Managing Director
  • Daniel Cookson, Marketing Director

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