December 15, 2016

The show’s over for the gig economy

As 2016 begins to count down, so too does the ticking time-bomb regarding employment status. We look at how the recent tribunal against Uber will affect employers who make significant use of agency staff, freelancers, sub-contractors or consultants. How the gig economy disrupted the traditional model Media references to the ‘gig’ economy (where the world…

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December 14, 2016

The dust has settled, so where do we stand after the Autumn Statement?

Philip Hammond’s first and last, as it turned out, Autumn Statement was always going to be a challenge in light of the political transformations over the summer. With such difficult and uncertain times ahead, how did the Chancellor do answering the questions we posed pre-Statement: What are the Government’s plans to strengthen the £? How…

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December 13, 2016

Balancing flexibility with fair treatment for agency workers

Building flexibility into your workforce and maintaining equal and fair treatment for workers can be a tricky balance to strike. Here we look at the use of agency workers and how to work with them safely and in line with the latest regulations. Spotlight swings from zero hours to agency workers There are concerns an…

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December 8, 2016

Supporting breastfeeding mothers – a guide for employers

Breastfeeding is a hot topic, and the debate over public breastfeeding is well-publicised. But breastfeeding can also present challenges to the employer, as low-cost airline Easyjet recently found out to its disadvantage when two breastfeeding mothers won a discrimination case brought against them at a recent Tribunal in Bristol. Read on to see how the…

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December 5, 2016

Banish the bah humbugs – top tips for decorating the office safely

What can you possibly do in an office around Christmas that puts life and limb at risk? The answer you’re searching for is hanging up decorations around the office, and that’s because many people don’t consider the risks attached to readying the workspace for festive fun. With trips/slips or falls, electrical incidents and manual handling/lifting…

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November 28, 2016

New sentencing guidelines focus on potential outcomes of H&S breaches

How have the latest changes to sentencing guidelines affected the outcomes of recent cases and why should business owners shift their focus when managing Health and Safety failures? A recent case involving a care home resident falling down an unprotected stairwell provides a stark reminder of the need to protect against falls from height, specifically…

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November 24, 2016

12 easy steps employers can take for a successful Christmas party

We are coming up to that time of year again when most people will be attending a Christmas function of some description either in the office, an organised event or even just down at the local. But, beware, high Christmas spirits can cause problems for employers and land you in trouble if you don’t take…

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November 23, 2016

The Autumn Statement 2016 – questions we’ll all want answers to

There has been – to put it lightly – a fair amount of change since the last ‘fiscal event’ (the Budget) back in March. When George Osborne stood at the dispatch box to announce cuts to Corporation Tax and Business Rates, and increases in the Personal Allowance and the threshold for the higher rate of…

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November 21, 2016

Managing your team in extreme weather conditions [CHECKLIST]

With forecasters predicting up to four months of stormy weather ahead, Britain could be facing the worst winter in 100 years. Managing your team during a period of disruption can be a challenge, so here’s a quick checklist to make sure you’ve given yourself the best chance of success. With experts EXACTA WEATHER warning Brits…

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November 14, 2016

Shared Parental Leave poses costly problem to employers

A recent employment tribunal seeing Network Rail pay out £23,000 has highlighted the potential issues employers could face with a Shared Parental Leave and pay policy. See what Shared Parental Leave means, why it’s important employers ensure their policies are non-discriminatory, and the potential consequences of unequal parental pay. The 10 November 2016 was Equal…

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November 10, 2016

Moorepay 50 years young: making payroll & HR easy since 1966

Happy birthday to us. Happy birthday to us. Happy birthday dear… You get the idea. Moorepay is 50 years young today, celebrating our golden anniversary in right royal fashion. The bunting is strung, the cake has been despatched, and a lot of people are wearing some very fetching badges. We share a 1966 birthday with…

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