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October 8, 2022

The Bradford Factor: Why you should avoid using it in isolation

I’m sure you’re well aware of the term ‘The Bradford Factor’. Created in the 1980’s by Bradford University School of Management, it’s become synonymous with employers who are keen to find a simple and expedient management solution to the disruption caused by employee absence. For the uninitiated, the Bradford Factor is based on the theory that short, frequent, unplanned absences are more disruptive to businesses than longer periods of absence. Using a mathematical formula, it takes the number and frequency of absences to produce a…

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The Bradford Factor
October 6, 2022

Managing and preventing drug misuse in the workplace

According to a recent review completed by the government, NHS, and Public Health UK, 3.2 million people in the UK between the ages of 16 and 59 regularly take recreational drugs. That equates to 1 in 11 UK citizens. In the same report, it found that 1 in 25 adults consume Class A drugs. As a direct result of this type of drug use there’s also just under 3,000 deaths per year.  Whilst these statistics primarily focus on illegal drug use, there’s also an increased…

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man being disciplined by superior
September 29, 2022

Let’s talk menopause!

With more and more cases being won in Employment Tribunals, citing menopause as a reason for unfair dismissal, companies really should be talking more about menopause. It’s highly likely that menopause will be included in the Protected Characteristics list for discrimination in the very near future, so that’s another reason why companies should be talking to all of their employees about menopause. It cannot go on being a taboo subject. Menopause in context Lots of research has been going on recently to gauge how many…

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September 27, 2022

Should all employers be paying the new living wage?

The real living wage has been raised early this year, increasing by a whopping 10% to £10.90 per hour. With this new figure, coupled with the rising costs of living, should employers be increasing wages to match the new ‘real’ living wage? There’s constant talk in the news of the costs of living crisis, energy bills increasing and the 40-year high inflation rate, which is still climbing. With all this going on, the topic of pay rises is on everyone’s minds. Employers are no doubt…

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The new living wage 2022
September 26, 2022

Distributing your docs just got easy

Step away from the scanner. Like now. If you’re still printing, scanning and rugby tackling your employees to get a signature on important documentation, we might just have a simpler way. Say a big hello to our Document Centre. With our brand-new Document Centre, you can quickly send important documents to your employees straight from our software. Within the module you’ll be able to assign the document to individuals, groups or the whole darn office. Our clean navigation makes it super simple to see who’s…

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laptop with moorepay software on
September 14, 2022

Appy days: what’s new with employee experience?

Our Mobile App, birthed by our Next Generation Software, and a certified swot when it comes to impressing employees. Our agile deployment structure means we can fast-track fantastic features straight to our customers and their employees. Hooray! So, the real question is, what have we been working on? Payslip notifications Is there a happier day than payday? We think not. Employees now get a pocket-sized ping when their payslip is ready. We don’t need to tell you they can download it and send it directly…

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Moorepay Mobile App
September 13, 2022

Employer obligations for the extra bank holiday in September

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral takes place on Monday 19th September. To mark this sad occasion, the day is a public holiday in the UK. Are your employees entitled to a day off work? How do you handle this leave for part-time employees? What can you do if your business needs to open? How do you deal with new employees starting on Monday? And how can employers support their employees through a period of national mourning. We explain all. Are your employees entitled to take the day…

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Queen Elizabeth II waving
September 5, 2022

Supreme Court sides with part-year workers – they are entitled to full year paid holiday allowance

Part-year workers are now entitled to a full year paid holiday allowance, after the Supreme Court hands down its long-awaited judgment. The Court endorsed the earlier Court of Appeal judgment meaning employers who previously pro-rated the holiday entitlement for staff working part of the year on permanent contracts will have to change their practices. What was this case about? It had been common practice for employers to pro-rate holidays for part-year workers - usually ‘term-time’ - for many years. It was a perfectly logical and…

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teacher helping a young student
August 31, 2022

The rise of the ‘boomerang employee’ trend

We have encountered a period in history that many of us will never forget. Reflecting on what has happened in the employment sector, it is not surprising that 2021 became the year of people resigning from their jobs in huge numbers. But what happens when the employee wants to come back? Working lives have changed dramatically. The advent of furlough and the need for people to work remotely from home has affected the way many people feel about their jobs and their future working life.…

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boomerang employees
August 24, 2022

Supporting neurodiverse workers with hidden disabilities

According to a poll by the CIPD, around 10% of employers would say neurodiversity is a consideration in their organisation's people management practices. But with some conditions and disabilities hidden, how can employers support their neurodivergent employees in the workplace? Neurodiversity at work Neurodiversity refers to the different ways the brain can work and interpret information. It highlights that people naturally think about things differently. Most people are neurotypical, meaning that the brain functions and processes information in the way society expects. It is estimated…

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neurodiverse employees with hidden disabilities