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August 29, 2023

Recruitment is no longer a losing game

Recruitment is no longer a losing game

In a competitive job market positions are a dime a dozen, and getting the right people in your business is stressful, and time consuming. That’s why we created our recruitment module to make the whole thing easy. Step aside 20% fees, there’s a new recruiter in town! 

Recruiting, it can feel a lot like swiping right. One’s falling short; one’s got a tooth gap in knowledge, and one just down right stinks! On the path to finding a compatible candidate it’s all stand ups, let downs and going ghost. But the truth is you just need one and it’s bye-bye kissing frogs, you’re off into the sunset with your P.Charming.

So where does Moorepay fit into this love tale? We’ll we’ve listened to the industry and our customers, carefully cultivating the perfect potion: our recruitment module.

Easy to use

We’ll start at the beginning, as every good love story does. Instead of spending countless hours digging around for job requests and specs, your line managers are going to do the heavy lifting. In a couple of clicks your manages can raise live job requests for your approval. And it’s not just your bog-standard request, go granular on hours, salary banding, screening questions and even set the go-live dates. So it’s no back and forth playing cupid between line managers and candidates, it’s all ticked off early doors.

You know us, we’re all about efficiency. We’ve built-in employee tagging, searchable of course. So if your line manager has a non-negotiable before signing on the dotted line, you can quickly search your existing base for those transferable skills.

Your candidates need not fear a ghosting, wasting hours staring at their phone waiting for a text back. Our system lets you automate communications and workflows off the back of interview stages, so they know their fate early doors.

Oh and if it is love at first sight you can create an employee profile, straight from the applicant profile. Slimming that time to hire right down and ensuring a silky-smooth onboarding process. Who said the course to love never ran smooth?

New call-to-action

Easy to access

When searching for that perfect person some consider it a numbers game. That’s why we’ve APIed into job boards like Audenza, Google for Jobs and Indeed. Giving you a high probability of catching the one. We’ve also kept it close to home, with iFrame capabilities straight into the careers page on your website. So all the end of month faff of getting jobs on and off those various sites quickly disappears.

If you’re like our marketing department, you’ll like pretty colours. Our system has a built-in candidate RAG status, that means you and your line managers can see who is a ‘hell yes!’ and who is a ‘heck no.’ We should clarify, in this instance, red most certainly is not the colour of love.

We’re making sure cards are on the table ASAP. We’ve done away with manual CV loading, the whole thing pulls straight into the applicant card. Easy peasey.

Easy to trust

CVs, contracts, contact details, the whole thing is feeling a little personal if you ask us. You and your candidates will want to know their details are stored safely and securely. That’s why we’re belt and braces when it comes to security, with cloud-based software batting off breaches as and when needed.

Meaning you and your candidates don’t need to jump through hoops to get the whole thing going.

How do I get it?
Our recruitment module got your heart racing? If you’re feeling the love, why not book a consultation today about how we can help you find that special someone.

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