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June 30, 2023

Talking: a ground-breaking way to connect your workforce

What is flexible working

Need easy onboarding, personalised profiles and a quick way to get your employees in the know? Time for us to talk to you about our new ‘Skills & Interests’ feature

When you’re new to a business, things have a habit of going in one ear and out the other. Thinks like names, job titles and what the heck people actually do for eight hours of the day. Our ‘Skills & Interests’ feature is a quick way for employees to personalise their profile, making it even easier for colleagues to search for skills, hobbies and where they should be directing their questions.

Easy onboarding

You know what it’s like. You start with a new company, and you’ve not got a scooby-doo what anyone does. Everyone has a job title with a minimum of five words, that translates to absolutely nothing. The whole department seems to have the same first name, and you need a degree to figure out what anyone does all day.

Instead of badgering line managers, HR, and heaven forbid going through the embarrassment of actually asking people what they do, with our new Skills & Interests feature employees can quickly search the database for who they need, skills they need, or simply do some colleague snooping. Making onboarding and settling into a new role a whole lot easier.

Time savings

They say knowledge is power, and ain’t that the truth. The problem is when you’re starting with a business you quite literally know nothing. And when you know nothing it’s very easy to lean on HR and line mangers for support. What does that take up? You guessed it, valuable time.

Making your employees as self-sufficient as possible is one of the quickest ways to reduce department queries and save you time.  

Connect your workforce

Some work offshore, some from their living rooms and some from snazzy co-working hotspots. We weren’t going to mention the Covid word, but for one reason or another a lot of us are now enjoying the delights of hybrid working, with some of us never meeting colleagues face-to-face.

Our simple Skills & Interests feature means people can get to know each other, at a glance, from their Moorepay portal.

Self-sufficient employees

From profile pictures and education to hobbies and skills, this is just one of the many ways we’re helping employees personalise their platform.

With our new feature I now know Heather is my go-to-gal for all thing office support and supplies, I also know she’s a knockout skier. So, I might just slip in my recent Alps trip before I raid her supply cupboard.

Our ‘Skills & Interests’ feature is now live, coming with Premium and Professional packages. Fancy finding out more? Get in touch to organise a demo, chat through your bespoke requirements and understand how we can make your life a whole lot easier.

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