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HR Reports

  • Make better, quicker, strategic people decisions, backed by data.
  • Give your people managers the data they need to make positive change.
  • Spend less time pulling reports, and more time doing the people stuff that matters.

Faster, better people decisions

  • Real power, real insights
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      The power to make real decisions, backed by proper data. No more gut instinct, let your insights steer your next move, so you only make smart and calculated people decisions.
  • Drive employee engagement
    • Track employee training and catapult skill development. Improve employee engagement, wellbeing and communication with a true gauge on how your employees feel. Get data to drive your areas of focus, and priorities the things that matter to your people.
  • Predict risks
    • Become a risk modelling powerhouse with complete control of your people data. Identify areas of improvement, spot issues before they even begin, and get a real handle on where your people are heading.

The right data, with the right people

  • Line managers
    • No longer just the ‘people police’ equip your line managers with the data they need to have real impact. From eNPS insights, to training requirements and absenteeism. Give your managers the power to influence change in their teams.
  • Employees
    • Share valuable insights with your people, engage employees with data backed trends, shine a light on who your department are and why you care.
  • Senior leaders
    • Make HR a credible source of truth and have a real seat at the table when it comes to commercial conversations. Quickly share easy to digest data with relevant stakeholders and show accurate movements overtime.
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HR reports you’ll love

Whether it’s refining recruitment practices, driving performance, or making commercially-backed people decisions. You’re going to want to start with good data. Luckily for you, reporting on almost every facet of HR is a doddle.

  • DE&I reports

    Spot trends, track shifts overtime and meet your diversity, equality and inclusion objectives. From regulation required Gender Pay Gap reporting, to shiny dashboards containing diversity ratios and average salaries across the board. Dig into what you need, when you need it.

  • clipboard

    No need to spend hours gathering time to hire stats, pondering over your time to fill, length of service and hiring quality. Skyrocket your employee growth rates and focus recruitment efforts in the right spots with accurate reporting on tap.

  • Performance

    See how your people are really performing, spot upskilling and training requirements and target line managers who need your support. Our performance reporting covers things like absenteeism, overtime, training costs and employee productivity.

  • Talent

    What’s really going on with the people in your business? Check out key indicators like time to hire, turnover, cost per hire, eNPS, performance rating, staff and salary and length of service. Benchmark yourself and get your HR department striving for greatness!

  • Engagement

    Employee engagement comes in all shapes and sizes, from core indicators like pulse surveys and 360 feedback, to anonymous feedback and other factors that feed into engagement, spot areas of risk and make changes quickly.

  • Pay & compensation

    Link straight through to payroll, where you’ll get every payroll report under the sun. From HMRC-required reporting to breakdowns, splits and full analytics. It’s got it all.

More time on the people stuff

  • Reports in a couple of clicks
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      More time having a positive impact on employees? Stop spending hours rerunning reports, and checking data validity, start ploughing that resource into positive employee impact. Our pre-configured reports mean you can run your own data, real-time, at the push of a button.
  • See all your HR data
    • Embedded into almost every HR module, leave no piece of HR data unturned. Use templates or create your own reports to see your HR data however you want.
  • Shiny dashboards
    • Visit and revisit the reports that matter to you most. Get a glimpse of data in one spot using our dashboard view, making heaps of data easy to digest, then share this around your business as you like.
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Spend less time faffing with data

Speed and accuracy in data reporting is part and parcel of what we do. Let our friendly team show you the ins and outs of our HR reporting software.

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