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Payroll Legislation

Tax relief on expenses


Tax relief on expenses


Ongoing requirement


Employees may be able to get tax relief on expenses if employers haven’t already reimbursed them. This includes things like:

  • Uniforms and work clothing

  • Buying equipment

  • Professional fees and subscriptions

  • Using their own vehicles for work travel (this does not mean their journey from home to work)

  • Working from home

Anyone can check if they’re eligible to claim on GOV.UK and if they are, they can set up a Government Gateway user ID to access their personal tax account and claim online.

There are companies who will make a claim on an individual’s behalf. Their fees can be up to 50% of the refund and may also include an administration charge.

The benefit of applying to HMRC through GOV.UK is that individuals get to keep all the money they’re entitled to.

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