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A strategy to support employees with menopause


April 2024

According to CIPD, over 70% of employees have experienced menopause-related symptoms – with 1 in 10 women aged 45-55 leaving the workforce due to this. If businesses don’t prioritise menopause support for all, they may lose a high proportion of their most experienced and valuable employees. We’ve also seen a rise in unfair dismissal claims ending up at tribunal citing menopause – a costly result of non-compliance.  

It’s time to break the stigma surrounding the menopause and support employees with this huge shift in their lives.  

Wondering where to start with creating and delivering an effective menopause strategy? From writing policies, to building an inclusive culture, in this webinar we explore how you can support with the menopause on a company-wide scale.

This session was led by Moorepay’s HR Services Director, Michelle Hobson, who also answered your questions in a Q&A at the end of the webinar. 

What we cover:

  • Creating your menopause strategy

  • How to write an effective menopause policy

  • Supporting employees with their symptoms

  • Establishing internal and external support systems

  • Breaking down stigma to create an inclusive workplace

  • Turning thoughts into action: delivering your menopause strategy

  • The Menopause Workplace Pledge

  • Additional free ED&I resources

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