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Building better line managers


Why line manager training is crucial to business success 

February 2024

Line managers are under intense pressure to develop high performing teams whilst following HR policies and procedures and supporting employee wellbeing. Despite this, many organisations have overlooked the development needs of their people managers. A lack of training can negatively impact the implementation of organisational policies, employee experience and wellness and employee retention levels.  

Courts and employment tribunals come down hard on inadequate or out of date HR policies and procedures. However, they’re equally critical when procedures are adequate, but line managers fail to follow them. There has been a spate of recent, expensive, court and tribunal settlements featuring inadequate or inappropriate management decisions.  

How satisfied are you that your managers are well briefed on bullying, sexual harassment, equality, diversity and inclusion? Could they deal confidently with a whistleblowing, flexible working, subject access request or personal data breach?   

What we covered:

  • The role of line managers in implementing organisational policies

  • Practical insights into how to better support and upskill line managers

  • The consequences of under-investing in crucial training for line managers

  • How to develop line managers in key areas

  • Essential people skills for line managers

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