Coronavirus Outbreak: What Employers Need to Know

Coronavirus Outbreak: What Employers Need to Know

March 2020

With more people self-isolating to reduce the spread of COVID-19, what are your responsibilities as an employer? Can you force at-risk employees to go home? Are they entitled to full pay during a period of self-isolation?

Watch our webinar to have your questions answered. We also explain your responsibilities to help you provide a safe place to work and limit the outbreak.

Join Michelle Hobson, HR Services Director and Phil Barker, H&S Team Manager, for our session.

**Information in the webinar was correct at the time of recording, with government and legislation changes happening daily some of this may now be out of date.** 

What we cover:
  • Employer and employee rights 
  • Reducing the risk of the spread of infection
  • Business continuity guidance
  • Live Q&A
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