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Handling disciplinaries and dismissals | HR essentials

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August 2022

Whilst dismissing employees is sometimes necessary, it can be costly to your business and undermine positive working environments and relationships. You can also risk unfair dismissal claims and big reputational damage!

So if you’ve explored all other options and a dismissal is the only way forward, it’s crucial for employers to follow a fair dismissal procedure. Watch this essential webinar where our HR expert will take you through dismissals in the context of disciplinary.

What we cover:

  • The difference between misconduct, serious misconduct and gross misconduct

  • Dealing with conduct issues in the workplace

  • Examples of gross misconduct

  • ACAS Code of Practice in relation to disciplinary procedures

  • Short service dismissals including legal considerations and exemptions

  • Common pitfalls to avoid when dismissing people

  • Live Q&A

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