How to handle employee grievances | HR essentials

employee grievances webinar

How to handle employee grievances | HR essentials

Thursday 23 June | 11am

In situations where it hasn’t been possible to resolve a problem or concern informally, or where an employee isn’t satisfied with the response, a formal grievance can be raised in an attempt to resolve the situation.

Hearing a grievance could be your last attempt to resolve a concern before the tribunal process starts so it’s important to ensure you manage grievances effectively. The coronavirus pandemic has given rise to an increased number of employment tribunal claims. Not only can the costs for tribunal hearings quickly escalate, they can also be extremely time-consuming, and you run the risk of damaging your company’s reputation.

Join this HR essentials webinar where our expert will take you through the fundamentals of handling grievances and some of the common mistakes employers make.

What we'll cover:

  • Dealing with problems in the workplace

  • Common reasons for grievances

  • Formal grievance procedure: step by step

  • Examples of grievances in the workplace and key learnings

  • Resetting grievance procedure: a positive business change

  • Live Q&A