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Demo | Analytics & reporting for HR & payroll 


August 2023

Payroll & HR reporting got you down? Sick of pulling data from two systems for reporting on your people? We feel your pain. Watch our demo on Analytics & Reporting to see just how easy it could be.

One system to manage your payroll, a separate system to manager your HR. Sounds like a headache with manual workarounds to get accurate reporting! Imagine having a truly integrated, best of breed HR & payroll system that saves you time and makes reporting a doddle.

Watch our demo recording with Kevin Corcoran, in house reporting expert to get more from your data and experience the benefits of complete HR & payroll analytics & reporting.

What we cover:

  • Analytics software

  • Report builder

  • HMRC reporting

  • Key HR reports

  • Gender Pay Gap reporting

  • Plus, All your questions answered in our live Q&A

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