Managing absence this summer: HR essentials

Absence Management Webinar

Managing absence this summer: HR essentials

April 2022

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee four-day bank holiday is fast approaching, as is warmer weather and a summer of sporting events! Time to start planning for the annual spike in employee absence rates?

We’ll also discuss how the impact of covid-19 may affect your absence rates this summer. In the final step of the government’s ‘Living with Covid’ plan, free covid testing ended in England on 1 April. So how should you manage employees who are suspected to have the covid-19? We’ll discuss your burning questions such as should you ask employees to take a test if an infection is suspected and should you ask employees to stay at home if they test positive for covid-19?

Listen to our Employment Law & HR expert Carl Hardcastle to understand what causes absence to spike and how to prevent your absence rates from increasing further this summer.

What we cover:
  • Patterns of absence around weekends, bank holidays and sporting events
  • Sickness absence before, during and after annual leave
  • How to manage employees who test positive for covid-19
  • How mental health affects absence
  • Women’s health and absence
  • Live Q&A at the end
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