Payroll & HR Showcase to Support Homeworking

Payroll & HR for Homeworking Webinar

Payroll & HR Showcase to Support Homeworking

July 2020

Our recent poll shows that 56% of people would – where possible – like to see a shift towards more homeworking.

Now is the time to be thinking, cloud-technology, support, remote working, automation, employee self-serve and well-being when it comes to your Payroll & HR.

Are you looking at ways to improve your payroll & HR solutions and ensure that they have the adaptability to operate remotely? Whilst giving the right level of support to mitigate your risk of a single point of failure and support you in constant changing of legislation?

If the answer is yes, join our webinar where we will cover:
  • The benefits and cost saving of outsourcing
  • How to save time through automation and integration
  • How we can digitise your payroll & HR processes
  • How you can support your employee’s wellbeing

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