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Payroll industry briefing | Predicted trends in 2024


February 2024

Keen to learn the insights we’ve uncovered in our latest and greatest Annual Payroll Survey. Hundreds of professionals in the industry have contributed, and we’ve discovered some fascinating trends – and some surprises – that we want to share with you.

Want to know how the payroll industry is shaping up? What’s changed since last year? And what we predict 2024 will hold? Listen to our panel of experts who will give invaluable context behind this year’s results.

Our star-studded panel who share their insights are; Moorepay senior leaders Anthony Vollmer (Managing Director) and David Morris (Chief Operating Officer), Sarah Dowzell (Chief Operating Officer of Natural HR) and guest speaker Vickie Graham (Business Development Director of the CIPP).

What we'll cover:

  • Top industry frustrations

  • The big risk in the industry this year

  • What solutions people are using, and why

  • Market churn

  • Finishing with a live Q&A to answer your burning questions

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