Technology vs real people | Webinar | Moorepay

Technology vs real people


Who will win the battle on performance management?

Tuesday 2 July | 12:45pm – 1:30pm

As HR leaders, we embrace ever-advancing technology that can streamline our workload whilst helping us support and manage our employees. But can technological innovation ever replace the need for real support, from real people?

In this panel discussion, our experts debate how performance management is impacted by both HR professionals and HR technology, and whether one comes up trumps.

In the ring are two senior leaders from Moorepay: HR Services Director Michelle Hobson, and Chief Product and Technology Officer Ant Brassington.

Join us to discover which will win when it comes to creating a great employee experience – technology or real people.

What we'll cover:

  • When does recognition become robotic?

  • What can risk turning appraisals into a tick-box exercise?

  • Does software features or conversations empower employees with their own progression?

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