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What is AUDDIS?

Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service, also known as AUDDIS, is a service from Bacs which enables your organisation to set up new Direct Debit Instructions (DDIs) to your payers’ banks electronically.

What’s the difference?

The original paper Instruction is retained by you, not the bank

Direct Debit Instructions can be set up using our cloud-based solution

Eliminates the need to sign a physical, paper instruction and post it to the bank

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AUDDIS Benefits

Reduced Costs

Lower processing and set-up costs for DDIs, such as postage and paper


Speedier set-up time as no postage delays and manual steps


Service Users can identify invalid account information, as well as any unpaid Direct Debits


Benefit from earlier warning of a failed set-up via Bacs reports


Removes paper, making it the accepted standard throughout the banking industry


Increases efficiency of the Direct Debit service for the consumer

Direct Debit and AUDDIS

Our cloud-based Direct Debit (DD) solution is enabled with AUDDIS Service capability helping you automate the transfer of DDI’s between your organisation and the bank.

Direct Debit Solution

Next Steps

Contact your bank and if you both agree that AUDDIS is suitable for your organisation, then:

Step 1

Complete an AUDDIS application form

Step 2

Complete the AUDDIS testing procedures

Step 3

You're ready to go live on AUDDIS

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