December 7, 2015

4 tips to avoid Christmas payroll pitfalls

It’s nearly Christmas, which means many people can look forward to a well-earned rest. But if you are an employer or payroll professional, Christmas and New Year brings a number of potential challenges that you need to be aware of and prepare for before you can start your Christmas break. Here are our top 5…

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December 1, 2015

When does Social Networking become an Employment Issue?

Smart phones, the internet, tweeting and blogging have all become part of the 21st century working world, whether employers like it or not. But when do comments made by employees in blogs or on social network sites such as twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace become an employment issue? What’s the problem? What employees do or…

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Dealing with misconduct outside of work

After your employees leave work at the end of the day, do you lose all control over what they say or do? While you won’t wish to intrude upon their activities or interests outside work, you can legitimately expect them not to engage in activity which may: Result in bad publicity to your organisation Cause…

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The Yuletide Yield – productivity tips

It’s that time of year again, when we’re gearing up for Christmas and all that comes with it… presents, parties, shopping, drinking, and re-runs of Only Fools and Horses. These things are synonymous with the festive period. For employers, however, the festive period is also synonymous with productivity problems. There is no doubt that the demands…

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Top tips for managing absence during bad weather

Winter is here and it could be colder and snowier than normal. Advanced weather models are predicting months of heavy snowfall, with conditions expecting to mirror those of winter 2009 / 2010 which was so long and chilly it was dubbed “the Big Freeze”. Staff absences tend to raise dramatically during extreme weather as road…

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Festive Fallout: Holidays, Absence and Annual Leave at Christmas

The festive period is a time when many businesses see extra demand for their products and services, but it also sees staff absence levels and annual leave requests sky rocket. With a combination of sick days following Christmas parties and a large number of employees requesting time off, it can be difficult for employers to…

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Christmas Party HR tips for employers

Office Christmas parties can be a fantastic morale boost for employees but employers need to be aware of potential risks, such as alcohol fuelled fights, discrimination and absenteeism. Employers have responsibility for their staff members at any work-related Christmas function. When employee behaviour strays into misconduct, particularly where alcohol is involved, they are often the…

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November 24, 2015

Can an employee choose who they wish to accompany them at a disciplinary hearing?

Employers might be surprised to hear that employees facing allegations which could lead to the end of their career may be entitled to be represented by a qualified lawyer at a disciplinary hearing. The general rule that employees are not entitled to legal representation has recently been challenged in two recent cases. Therefore, organisations should…

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November 13, 2015

Employers may not be controlling Hazardous Substances

Many employers are unaware that some of the substances they use could result in their employees suffering adverse health effects. One of the most common failings identified our team of Health & Safety professionals relates to the management of Substances Hazardous to Health. The information gathered by employers on this topic is often out dated,…

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Do you have more employees than you think?

In a recent survey of people who ‘work for themselves’, it was found that 1 in 10 were actually employees, even though these people were classed as self-employed. However, the biggest area of concern is the Construction industry where it is estimated that over 50% of self-employed workers are, in fact, employees. This could mean…

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November 12, 2015

Director gets 12 month prison sentence for Health & Safety breaches

More and more Directors and Senior Managers are being prosecuted alongside the companies they own or manage for Health & Safety breaches. Figures published indicate a 400% increase in this type of prosecution from 2000 to 2011 and they continue to feature heavily in the news. In a recent example, a skip company was fined…

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November 11, 2015

Thousands of pounds saved in Employment Tribunal Case

We recently helped a small organisation through a difficult process after an ex-employee brought a number of claims, which could have cost thousands in compensation. This was the first Employment Tribunal claim the business had received in 20 years of trading, so they were understandably unsure what to expect and as a result and were…

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