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February 2, 2022

News | Payroll clerk jailed for stealing thousands from employees

Robert Carlin, a former payroll clerk, has been jailed after ‘abusing his position’ and stealing thousands of pounds from the employees of two organisations. The 40-year-old fraudulently transferred more than £55,000 from Reflex Labels into six of his own bank accounts. This was across 34 transactions between July and November 2018. He stole final salary payments being made to employees who were leaving the business. One former employee queried why they failed to receive the higher settlement payment they were expecting, and at this point,…

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international stress awareness week
January 26, 2022

Managing seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in the workplace

With one in 15 people in the UK affected by seasonal affective disorder (SAD), it should be a priority when it comes to managing mental health in the workplace. Here's how you can help staff affected by SAD as an employer. What is SAD? NHS defines seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as a type of depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern. It's sometimes known as "winter depression" because the symptoms are usually more apparent and severe during the winter between September to April,…

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depressed women on couch
January 25, 2022

Failure in risk management leads to tragic consequences

Three tragic cases recently reported in the care sector highlight the importance of thorough and ongoing risk assessment processes with management oversight, that ensure all risks and controls are properly communicated to workers. Not only did the three incidents result in tragic - and heartbreakingly avoidable - loss of life, the reputational and financial costs to the respective businesses were substantial. Besides this, the length of time from the dates of the incidents to the prosecutions will have placed both personal costs on family members,…

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tragic health and safety case studies
January 24, 2022

LANDED partnership: Helping SMEs manage the employee lifecycle end-to-end

Moorepay has joined forces with LANDED Hiring Software so you can manage the entire employee life-cycle with ease. About our partnership Yes, it’s official! We’ve partnered with LANDED to offer start to finish management of employees. From applicant tracking and recruitment, right through to personnel management and training. We’ve combined forces to ensure the market have a truly integrated payroll & HR solution that works closely with a full recruitment system powered by LANDED. Our Next Generation Software is created to be flexible and easily…

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landed partnership with Moorepay
January 23, 2022

Partnership With Bizimply: Payroll, HR & Workforce Management Combined

Moorepay has joined forces with Bizimply to provide a more comprehensive offering to the hospitality, retail and care industry. About our partnership Yes, it’s official! Moorepay’s Payroll and HR Solutions will now integrate seamlessly with the Bizimply, so that we can offer a payroll, HR and workforce management solution for a multitude of industries. The Moorepay Next Generation technology is created to be flexible and easily integrated. Bizimply easily connects to the Moorepay payroll & HR solution through seamless integration. Together, we’re helping SMEs to…

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Barista working in café
January 20, 2022

What is an employer’s responsibility at a work party?

What’s the definition of a workplace party? Who is responsible if things go wrong? That’s something people all over the country are asking and we're here to give you the facts. While for most of us the big ‘Work Christmas Do’ has been on hold for a couple of years, a less formal approach to work has seen an increase in more casual social events, including drinks after work. As an employer, you have a duty of care to people who are attending work events,…

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work party employer obligations
January 17, 2022

The quick way to deal with employee payroll & HR queries

We’ve all been there: the inbox is stacking up, the phone is ringing off the hook, and let’s not even get started on those furiously typing in teams. Whether you’re a small team, or a miniature army, there are obvious benefits in quickly managing employee queries relating to payroll & HR. This is the easy way to ship them off your plate, and quick. Why does it matter? Call your employees impatient, but when they have queries heading to your department, it’s normally in relation…

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The quick way to deal with employee payroll & HR queries
January 13, 2022

Case law | Dismissing an employee for breaching self-isolation guidelines found unfair

The decision to summarily dismiss an employee for being ‘highly irresponsible’ and ‘reckless’ in breaching self-isolation guidelines was found to be unfair. An employee was successful in their claim for unfair dismissal despite the tribunal finding ‘blameworthy conduct’ on his part. Background of the case The Claimant was employed as a Forklift Truck Driver in the Respondent’s warehouse in Newbridge, Scotland. His employment began on 5 January 1998 and was continuous until 25 February 2021. On 8 February 2021, the Claimant’s line manager emailed Mr…

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dismissed for breaching self isolation guidelines case
January 13, 2022

New ACAS guidance cracks down on fire and rehire tactics

There is new guidance published by ACAS on ‘fire and rehire’ amidst surge in attempts to fire and rehire employees on lesser contractual terms. Whilst fire and rehire can help avoid redundancies, ACAS identifies the use of the Covid-19 pandemic as a ‘smokescreen’ to diminish workers’ terms and conditions via extreme fire and rehire practices. What is fire and rehire? The approach - more commonly referred to as dismissal and re-engagement - is where an employee’s contract of employment is terminated, and at the same…

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fire and rehire crackdown acas
January 12, 2022

Our Next Generation Software & Microsoft Technology

As part of our Next Generation Software, we're now operating across the latest Microsoft Azure cloud-based solution. But what does that mean? Well, we’re glad you asked! On the surface of it, you might not think this is the most exciting feature across our Next Generation Software – but that’s where you’d be mistaken. Hosting our software on Microsoft Azure comes with some notable benefits. We’re talking streamlined processes, improved flexibility and added security to boot. It’s technology that we’re happy to put our trust…

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microsoft azure on tablet