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What is Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) 2021?


What is Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) 2021?

Due Date

4 April 2021


Here are the statutory sick pay (SSP) rates for 2021-2021:

Unrounded Daily
Number of
qualifying days
in week
1 day
to pay
2 days
to pay
3 days
to pay
4 days
to pay
5 days
to pay
6 days
to pay
7 days
to pay
13.7642713.77 27.53 41.30 55.06 68.8382.5996.35
16.0583616.0632.12 48.18 64.2480.30 96.35
19.2700519.2738.5457.81 77.08 96.35
24.0875424.0948.18 72.27 96.35

The same weekly SSP rate applies to all employees. However, the amount you must actually pay an employee for each day they’re off work due to illness (the daily rate) depends on the number of ‘qualifying days’ they work each week. Use the SSP calculator to work out your employee’s sick pay or use these rates.

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