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Class 1 National Insurance Rates


Class 1 National Insurance Rates


Effective FY 23-24


Class 1 National Insurance Rates – Employee

Contribution Table LetterEarnings below LELEarning at or above LEL up to and including PTEarning above the PT up to and including UELBalance of earnings above the UEL
A - Standard RateNIL012%2%
B - Reduced RateNIL05.85%2%
C - Over State Pensions AgeNILNILNILNIL
F - Freeport Standard RateNIL012%2%
H - Apprentice under 25NIL012%2%
I - Freeport Reduced RateNIL05.85%2%
J - DefermentNIL02%2%
L - Freeport DefermentNIL02%2%
M - Under 21NIL012%2%
V - VeteranNIL012%2%
Z - Deferment under 21NIL02%2%


Class 1 National Insurance Rates – Employer

Contribution Table LetterEarnings below LELEarnings at or above the LEL up to and including the STEarnings above the ST up to and including the FUSTEarnings above the FUST up to and including UST/AUST/VUSTBalance of earnings above UST/AUST/VUST
A - Standard RateNIL013.8%13.8%13.8%
B - Reduced RateNIL013.8%13.8%13.8%
C - Over State Pensions AgeNIL013.8%13.8%13.8%
F - Freeport Standard RateNIL0013.8%13.8%
H - Apprentice under 25NIL00013.8%
I - Freeport Reduced RateNIL0013.8%13.8%
J - DefermentNIL013.8%13.8%13.8%
L - Freeport DefermentNIL0013.8%13.8%
M - Under 21NIL00013.8%
S - Freeport Above SPANIL0013.8%13.8%
V - VeteranNIL00013.8%
Z - Deferment under 21NIL00013.8%


Please note: 2023-2024 sees Class 1 NICs return to normal in that a separate set of rates and thresholds for directors are not required.  The attached rates and thresholds table is for employees and directors.

Class 1A NICs rate: 13.8%

Class 1B NICs rate: 13.8%

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