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Tax changes & allowances


Tax changes & allowances


6 April 2023


Reduction of the additional rate earnings threshold

  • The biggest announcement for tax was the reduction of the additional rate earnings threshold.
  • Top 45% additional rate of income tax will be paid on earnings over £125,140, instead of £150,000 (from 6 April 2023).
  • This won’t affect Scotland.

Income tax personal allowance

  • The personal allowance will remain frozen at £12,570.
  • The threshold at which individuals become liable for the higher rate of 40% will remain at £50,270, in both cases until April 2028.

National Insurance contributions

  • The National Insurance contributions secondary threshold will be fixed at £9,100 from April 2023 until April 2028.
  • This adds a further two years on previous plans.
  • It is on top of the indefinite delay to the basic rate of tax reduction that was scrapped as part of the growth plan roll back.


  • Dividend allowance will be reducing from £2,000 to £1000 next year. This will half again in April 2023 to £500.

  • The tax-free allowances for capital gains tax will reduce from £12,300 this year to £6,000 in FY 2023/24 and will be cut in half again in FY 2024/25 to a value of £3,000.
  • Marriage allowance for 2023/24 will increase to between £4,010 and £10,375.
  • Blind persons allowance has been increased to £2,870.
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