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Avoiding pregnancy and maternity discrimination claims | HR essentials

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October 2022

Barely a week goes by without an article relating to pregnancy and maternity leave in the workplace featuring in the news. This is often around employers finding themselves at an employment tribunal because they haven’t treated an employee fairly.

As an employer, do you understand your legal obligations for pregnant employees? And what does best practice look like when supporting employees through their pregnancy, maternity leave and return to work?

Watch this webinar where we’ll walk you through pregnant employees’ rights and explain how to avoid discriminating against a pregnant employee or new mother.

What we cover:

  • How expectant women and new mothers are protected against unfair treatment, discrimination and dismissal

  • Common areas where employers should take extra caution, including recruitment, promotion, antenatal appointments, and redundancy

  • Real-life examples of pregnancy and maternity discrimination

  • Supporting line managers in how to respond to a pregnancy announcement and how to successfully reintegrate employees following maternity leave

  • Best practice for managing your employee’s pregnancy and maternity leave

  • A Q&A with our expert

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