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What’s hot in HR?

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The definitive report on all things HR is here – and it’s yours to dive into right now.

2024 marks the first year we’ve run Moorepay’s HR trends survey and we’re delighted to report that we had over 600 respondents!

We began this survey because we’re passionate about keeping our customers up to date and in the know. This report is intended to help you understand what’s happening across the HR industry, so you feel informed and can make the right decisions for your business.

Don’t miss out on the results – we’ve condensed it all into fifteen headline stats you can take home with you.

We hope you find this report useful.

What's in this report:

  • Fifteen headline findings from 600+ respondents

  • How to collate data to improve your business

  • A word from Michelle Hobson, Moorepays HR services director

Read the report
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