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User friendly and great support.

About Nynas

Nynas is a different kind of oil company. Working together with its customers, Nynas taps into the full potential of oil to help create valuable applications for end-users and society. Wherever you look, you will see products and services made – or made possible by – using Nynas’ naphthenic oils and bitumen.

In close collaboration with its customers, Nynas develops oils for use in a number of applications that fill important roles in their products and processes. Long-lasting oils that create sustainable value. Nynas has made it their business to unlock oil’s potential and provide value to its customers around the world.

What we did for them

Nynas has been with Moorepay for many years, and implemented its payroll upgrade to Next Generation Payroll Software with us in 2019. Since then, our software has supported Nynas with its payroll processes, staying up-to-date with changing legislation, and our staff have supported with any related queries its staff may have.

Nynas particularly appreciates Moorepay’s accessible expert staff who can give it one-to-one support, which comes as standard with our software.

User friendly and great support.

We’ve found Moorepay’s payroll software very user friendly with great staff who are easy to reach and talk to.

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