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WB Alloys

WB Alloys

Moorepay’s Software enables companies like ours to focus on what we’re good at.

About WB Alloys

WB Alloy Welding Products Ltd is a welding consumables manufacturer who supply a range of high quality, high integrity products for both welding and cutting applications. Their product range encapsulates equipment and consumables for all welding and cutting processes and includes their own and other major brand name products.

What we did for them

WB Alloys use a range of Moorepay services that span from HR Services and Health & Safety to Analytics and Payroll.

With our Managed Payroll, WB Alloys’ employees are paid accurately and on-time by Moorepay’s expert team of payroll professionals. That means complex payroll calculations are all done behind the scenes, the correct pay rates applied, and documentation sent to HMRC for every deadline – ensuring worry-free compliance for their management team.

With Moorepay’s People Analytics, companies like WB Alloys can quickly and accurately run reports on their people and payroll data. The ready-built charts allow Gary and his team to stop wasting time on manual reporting and ‘focus on the things they’re good at’.

On the other hand, with our Health & Safety Services WB Alloys have access to our on-call 24/7/265 H&S team who can provide support on policies, risk assessments and more – which is vital for construction and technology companies. The H&S product saves time keeping Gary and his team compliant with HSE regulations and reducing the risk of costly fines.

By using a range of Moorepay’s modules in this way, WB Alloys are able to provide the best service to their customers and focus on the things that really matter without wasting time on mundane payroll and HR admin.

Moorepay provide a comprehensive service that enables companies like ours to focus on what we’re good at, with the knowledge that Moorepay are taking care of things we aren’t good at.

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