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Oise Limited

Oise Limited

One thing Moorepay does well is provide payroll accuracy, and for these reasons I gave them an NPS score of 10/10.

About OISE Limited

Oxford Intensive School of English are a language school that was founded on the strong conviction that ‘total mastery of a second language requires learning determination guided by tutors who are pedagogically demanding of each and every course participant.

They are ambitious for the achievements of every student and this has became a core value of OISE which is still kept very strongly today.

What we did for them

OISE uses Moorepay’s Managed Payroll Service through our Premium package, which includes access to Moorepay’s Payroll Software, Premium HR Software, and People Analytics.

Simon, OISE’s Financial Accountant mentioned the service provides them with “a comprehensive view of our people data.”

In addition Moorepay partially manage their monthly payroll and ensure that all employees are paid accurately and on time. Moorepay also handles the submission of all necessary documents to HMRC and manages their end-of-tax-year processing.

OISE also benefits from the Moorepay Managed Auto Enrolment service, which takes care of employees’ NEST pension enrolments and payments without requiring additional effort.

In summary, Simon expressed:

“The Moorepay software has proven to be very user-friendly once you get accustomed to the menus, and their staff has always been very helpful when I’ve had questions. Moorepay excels in providing accurate payroll, and for these reasons, I gave them an NPS score of 10/10.”

Moorepay also organises sending all necessary documentation over to HMRC and our end of tax year processing.

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