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February 2, 2023

Desktop features made miniature

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The average Brit spends a whopping 3 hours 31 minutes staring down at their little screen every single day. That’s why we’re taking our fancy features and rustling them up in ‘to-go’ format! 

‘The features, we want to know more about the features!’ 

Alright, buckle up, because here they come. 

Self-approved leave

We released leave in the Mobile App yonks ago, that’s so June 2020. Recently, desktop welcomed a new addition: self-approved leave. It’s like the big daddy of leave types, subtly snubbing all other submissions. 

With a successful desktop release, it felt only right we shared the love with our Mobile App.  

That means if you’re lucky enough to have self-approved leave, (hello 6 weeks off in the busy period) you’ll now be able to submit this straight from the Mobile App. No reviewer, no questions asked.  

Of course, all of this is auditable from desktop, and permissions must be applied to a profile by someone with great powers. We call them Super Admins, it’s yet to be confirmed if they wear capes. We don’t just go handing it out willy nilly, now that would be nilly silly indeed.  

App personalisation  

Our developers have been painting the town red. Nope, we don’t mean they’ve been hitting the shandies. They’ve been colouring our app red, blue, green, whatever colour you need to reflect your company and brand.  

With a little help from Moorepay, customers can now personalise their platform with brand colours, delivering a joined-up employee experience. Our product team have been working hard to ensure our app reflects this too.  And they deployed it all without a shandy in sight!  

Reviewer mode 

Submissions here, there and everywhere, and in such a little screen, it’s easy to feel a little lost sometimes. Listening to customer feedback, (we can’t get enough of it) we deployed a little pop-up letting users know when they’re in reviewer mode or employee mode, and a quick way to switch between the two. Just a little tweak to make your life even easier! 

We work with a product team that just won’t quit. That means there’s much more on the horizon for our Mobile App. book a consultation about how you can get your mitts on this nifty bit of kit today!   

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Molly Chapman Product Marketing Manager
About the author

Molly Chapman

Molly Chapman is the Product Marketing Manager at Moorepay, having joined our team in 2020. In short, Molly helps bridge the gap between our products and the customer: communicating the benefits and technical details of our products to ensure that our customers get the best out of Moorepay’s payroll & HR software and services. Working for many years in product marketing, most notably within the travel industry, Molly has an established background in bringing value to her client base. Outside of work, Molly enjoys experimenting with vegetarian cooking, walking the dogs and a good B&M bargain.

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