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Embracing flexible working


Embracing flexible working


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Flexible working appears it isn’t just a trend; it’s to be a game-changer for both employees and employers.

For employees, the benefits are clear in being able to offer the flexibility around their life outside work, providing a work life balance which suits them. This in turn aims to benefit their health and wellbeing, taking away any barriers they may be facing. The benefit for the employer aims to be an increase in attendance and the ability to attract employees who are looking for this flexibility in the workplace.

HMRC have updated their guidelines for allowing employees to request flexibility from day one of employment as of 6th April 2024, and two requests can be made within a year.

It seems as though it’s time to embrace this shift and accept that flexible working is here for the long-term. HMRC have updated their resources and templates (Flexible Working Policy for employers, request letters for employees, acknowledgement letter and an outcome letter for employers) to make it easier to navigate these changes and reap the benefits of a more agile workforce, and hopefully the benefits it can bring to employees and employers alike.

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