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National Insurance changes from April 2024


National Insurance changes from April 2024


Effective 6 April 2024


In the weeks leading up to the budget, there were indications that changes would be made to national insurance, and the chancellor’s party have made it clear they want to go into an election being able to show they’ve made substantial cuts to workers.

In the Autumn Statement, we saw a reduction in employees NI of 2p, and the same again in the budget in a reduction from 10% down to 8%, giving a total of a 4p reduction in just a 4 month period. As of April, employees now have an extra 4p retained for every £1 they earn, which they otherwise wouldn’t have had before the Christmas period. This is going to have a significant impact on their gross pay in their payslip.

The reduction from 10% to 8% came into effect on the 6th April 2024.

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