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Embracing neurodiversity
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Payroll careers | Embracing neurodiversity

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November 2023

Watch the final webinar in our payroll career series made for payroll professionals.

People who are neurodivergent may struggle to excel at work due to the number of obstacles in their way, from dealing with biases, to the mental strain of masking their behaviours in the workplace. But our guest speaker Cybill Watkins, Zellis Group’s Payroll Legislation Manager, is an advocate for how neurodivergent people can build their perfect career within payroll, whilst bringing immense value to their organisation.

In this webinar, Cybill draws upon her own personal and professional experience to discuss neurodiversity in the payroll profession with honesty and insight. From why payroll can be a great industry to work in, to how neurodivergent people can excel in the profession by bringing unique strengths to the role, to overcoming challenges of being neurodivergent in the professional world. This webinar is not only perfect for understanding your own career journey, but for better understanding your colleagues, reports, and those who work in your industry as well.

You can also watch the other webinars in our payroll careers series: How to progress, and Anything but ordinary.

What we cover

  • Cybill's own journey as a neurodivergent payroll professional

  • Payroll as a career option for neurodiverse people

  • The challenges of being neurodivergent in the world of work

  • Understanding personal strengths that drive excellence

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