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Anything but ordinary
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Payroll careers | Anything but ordinary

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October 2023

Watch the second webinar in our payroll career series, lovingly put together to help payroll professionals excel in their careers.

When we think of working in payroll, we think of payroll processing, spreadsheets, and number crunching. But a career in payroll can cover so much more, from operations, to product development, to implementation, to working with wider HR tasks – meaning variety and tonnes of progression for payroll professionals.

In this webinar, guest speaker Vickie Graham, Business Development Director from the CIPP, and our own inspiring payroll professionals – Dave Morris, COO, Dudley Barber, Interim Head of Professional Services and Head of Payroll Services, and David McLoughlin, Senior Lead Developer – share their unconventional career paths. They discuss the opportunities and challenges of each role, and tips for getting into them.

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What we cover

  • What different career paths are open to a payroll professional

  • Exciting stories of 'unconventional' payroll careers

  • Opportunities and challenges of choosing a different path

  • Tips for side-stepping and progressing

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