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Payroll careers | How to progress

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September 2023

Watch a unique webinar made for payroll professionals as part of our payroll careers series – designed to help you excel in your role.
We’re joined by two Moorepay celebrities Christina Holloway (Head of Specialised Services) and Jenn Morrell (Senior Payroll Team Manager) who bring their expertise in both payroll and people management to help you advance your career further.

Christina walks through the common myths of working in payroll, different options for working in the industry, opportunities to progress from mid to senior positions, and how to use software to your advantage to get ahead.

Jenn then shares insights from the Moorepay Payroll Academy she’s lead at Moorepay: how to train new payroll recruits in your team, key learnings from her experience, and any extra tips for a successful succession plan.

While you’re here, why not check out the other webinars in our payroll careers series: Anything but ordinary, and Embracing neurodiversity.

What we'll cover

  • Dispelling payroll myths

  • Opportunities for advancement from mid to senior positions

  • Using software to your advantage

  • Tips on how to train your successors

  • Learnings from the Moorepay Payroll Academy

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