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Making your workplace worth the commute


June 2024

Imagine you gave 100 employees the choice to be in the office or to work from home. What would they say? The data says they’d stay at home…

It’s not a new debate, whether your company is hybrid, in the office 5-days or even fully remote looking to make a return, the wellbeing of your people is heavily reliant on the workplace and environment around them.

A growing number of well-known business leaders are advocating for a return to the office, the challenge now lies in making the workplace worth the commute. As hundreds of thousands of employees have grown accustomed to the flexibility of working from home, employers need to innovate beyond the usual perks like pizza Friday, coffee machines and free fruit.

What’s more is 57% of Gen Z want in-person jobs but about 80% would quit their job tomorrow because of a toxic work culture. It’s a big pool of talent to be missing out on if your workplace isn’t considered appealing by Gen Z. Our upcoming webinar is all about making your workplace and work culture appealing to the latest talent rising through the ranks.

This session was led by Moorepay’s HR Services Director, Michelle Hobson.

What we cover:

  • Pros and cons of remote working

  • What's truly important to your employees?

  • Enforcing office attendance

  • Gen Z thinks your office is 'mid'

  • Make your workplace worth the commute

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