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People Analytics

Our innovative, cloud-based People Analytics solution manipulates payroll and HR data to provide a real-time, in-depth and insightful strategy platform.

Key features

Unlock the power of your people with People Analytics

Access to a suite of real-time dashboards

Summarise large amounts of data into digestible chunks, to deliver an accurate and incredibly useful view of your business.

Predictive analytics – machine learning

Predictive analytics gives you the information you need to plan for the future. It uses your data to calculate the probability of various scenarios occurring.

Connect to business intelligence tools

Easily export your data and results to various Business Intelligence tools.


Create personal dashboards

Customise dashboards to display the key information required in your role, using our intuitive dashboard builder.

Customised dimensions and metrics

Slice and dice the data on your personal dashboard to deliver the results that are meaningful to you.

Drill through and filter data

Easily segment and filter your data to refine the information and display the results you need.

What can People Analytics do for me?

Designed to help your business grow through business insights

Solution benefits

Integrate People Analytics to drive your business forward

Integrated with your solutions

No need to manually input any data - it’s all completely integrated with your payroll & HR solution.

Increase employee retention

Identify and address the key issues causing employee turnover. Reduce your costs and the resources required for recruitment.

Drive business performance and efficiency

Speed up your decision-making process and easily identify issues that require rapid attention.

Better manage your people costs

Whether you’re trying to plan future labour costs or looking to manage absence costs, People Analytics gives you the data you need in easy-to-view charts.

Maximise your talent

Identity skill gaps, view current employee performance and identify training requirements. Maximise the investment into your people.

Comprehensive payroll & HR insights

See real-time, data-driven insights via clever metrics and machine learning. And gain insights you didn’t even know you needed.

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