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September 3, 2019

One in Ten Retail Workers Experience Sexual Harassment According to New Research

Many of us would like to think that sexual harassment in the workplace is a thing of the past. Something our progressive modern world has left behind. However, according to expert’s sexual harassment is on the increase. The MeToo movement has highlighted types of sexual harassment and gender discrimination and captured the attention of the media and general public. One in ten retail workers experience sexual harassment A new survey of 1,330 retail workers conducted by Foot Anstey has found that one in ten (11%)…

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Sexual Harassment is Widespread in Retail according to new Research
August 20, 2019

WhatsApp in the Workplace and Employee Relations

It’s the first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing you look at before going to sleep. From arranging your next girls’ night out, to sharing photos with your family. WhatsApp is our go-to platform for communicating with friends and family. It's also useful for letting your colleagues know you’re running late or for sharing a new idea you had over the weekend. Consequently this swift form of communication is becoming an increasingly popular platform for workplace communication. Real-time informal workplace…

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WhatsApp in the Workplace and Employee Relations
August 6, 2019

Eight Ways for Effective Performance Reviews

Does the thought of performance reviews fill you with dread? In many organisations’, managers spend hours frantically scrolling through emails in attempt to recall who has done what throughout the year while questioning the value of what often becomes a box ticking exercise enforced by HR. From an employee’s perspective, they often have no idea what they’re supposed to write in the supporting documentation and dread being presented with a list of things they need to improve on. Performance appraisals are sometimes criticised for being…

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Eight Ways to Effective Performance Reviews
July 15, 2019

More Working at Height Fatalities: Are Employers Doing Enough?

Working at height led to the deaths of 40 people in the last year, compared to 35 the year before. According to recent HSE fatality statistics, it’s the number one cause of work-related deaths in the UK. It raises the question, are employers doing enough to protect workers? Time for more severe sentencing? This month saw the verdict from a fall from height case, following an accident in December 2016. Samuel Goemans of Cedar Ridge Construction Limited fell from a tower scaffold and suffered life-changing…

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two workers in PPE on construction site
June 20, 2019

Tesco Reclaims Redundancy Money

Tesco has admitted that hundreds of redundant workers were paid the wrong amount of redundancy pay. AND they wrote to those who were accidentally overpaid in an attempt to reclaim the money. The practical difficulties involved in reclaiming small amounts of money from former employees have recently been highlighted by Tesco. They offered that anyone overpaid by less than £500 could keep their money. But those overpaid by more than £500, could only keep £100. Where does an employer stand reclaiming money from employees? The…

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Tesco redundancy pay
June 14, 2019

Holiday Season FAQ’s

Summer – the season of sun, sea and sand. Setting your out-of-office and jetting off on holiday for a week of rest and relaxation. However, from a HR perspective the summer months can be a very challenging time of year. Our advice line has seen a spike in enquiries relating to this very topic. Therefore, I have compiled some responses to questions we’ve received relating to unplanned absence, presenteeism, recruitment and notice periods. Unplanned absence An employee requested a holiday however it was rejected. The…

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Holiday Season FAQ’s: Unplanned Absence, Presenteeism, Recruitment & Notice Periods
May 16, 2019

How is Statutory Redundancy Pay Calculated?

If your business is considering making staff redundant? If so it’s important that you understand the costs involved. This blog provides a step-by-step guide to calculating redundancy pay. The Origins of Redundancy Pay The Redundancy Payments Act 1965 brought in the principle that, providing an employee qualified based on a length of service, he/she would be entitled to a payment from their employer should work be considered ‘unviable’ for the employer to continue with. This was a policy shift by the Government at the time.…

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How is statutory redundancy calculated?
May 13, 2019

Does GDPR Affect Your Employment References Process?

Does a candidate in a recruitment exercise have a right to see employment references requested and received from their current or former employer? You’re part way through an extensive recruitment process. The hiring manager has decided to make an offer of employment to a candidate. The offer is of course subject to receipt of a satisfactory reference. However, you receive the reference from a current or former employer and it is anything but satisfactory forcing you to withdraw the offer. Your ‘would-be’ candidate might be…

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Does GDPR Affect Your Employment References Process?
April 24, 2019

Employment law: why is taking notes so important?

As Police Sergeant Angel explained about his pocket notebook in the 2007 comedy film, Hot Fuzz: “This is the most important piece of equipment you will ever own. This notebook has saved my skin more times than I care to mention.” And when it comes to employment law, we agree. Best practise is any formal meeting with an employee should be recorded in some form and placed on the employee’s personnel file. This includes performance reviews and appraisals. However, because of the litigious nature of…

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April 3, 2019

Two Major Changes to Itemised Pay Statements

From 6 April 2019 two major changes to the rules on itemised pay statements take effect. The Employment Rights Act 1996 has been amended meaning that: Firstly, the right to an itemised pay statement has been extended to include workers Secondly, itemised pay statements must include the numbers of hours worked where the employee’s pay varies by reference to time worked Both changes are a direct response to the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices that called for greater clarity over pay for UK employees.…

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Itemised Pay Statements