May 18, 2016

Man, Woman… Who cares?!

“I’m not a woman. I’m not a man. I’m something that you’ll never understand” is a line from a Prince song back in 1984. Employers need to know what support their gender fluid employees need, and are entitled to, and with the recent death of Prince, there has been much talk about how he led…

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May 17, 2016

Working Time for Mobile Workers

The European Court of Justice has ruled that employers need to treat employee’s commuting time as work time, which will have an impact on every size company in the UK. This will affect sectors with large numbers of travelling workers, and require employers to look at the distance employees travel to clients/work sites. Employers cannot…

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Common misconceptions around discrimination

Everyone knows that a good reputation can take a lifetime to build, and a second to destroy. A good reputation will help to attract new business, and will also mean that the best people in the industry will want to work for your company. However, a case of discrimination in the workplace could not only…

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Resolving workplace conflicts

When conflicts occur in the workplace it is crucial that you manage them swiftly and appropriately. Whether as a result of an argument, a person taking offence on how instructions are given or even personality clashes, an unsettled workforce will bring productivity, and workplace moral, crashing down. Why should employers have mediators? It is crucial…

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May 16, 2016

HAV you mitigated the risk of Health and Safety claims?

Failure to protect your employees from the risks associated with vibration can result in prosecution and large fines, as discovered by two separate construction firms. The two firms have been fined a total of £292,000 and ordered to pay costs of £16,852.  The fines were issued following reported cases of carpel tunnel syndrome and hand…

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April 22, 2016

A slippery slope? – Costly safety risk assessment lessons

Employers that require staff to work outdoors, travel or visit outdoor locations need to be aware of a recent Supreme Court decision which has had a huge impact on safety risk assessments. The decision involved a Glasgow home carer, Tracey Kennedy, who was hurt after slipping on ice while visiting a terminally ill client in…

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Where Did I Go Wrong?

An extra 25% compensation can be now be imposed by an employment tribunal in unfair dismissal claims. So what are the top ten issues likely to result in this according to ACAS?… Failing to warn the employee about possible consequences You must tell the employee from the outset the possible consequences of the disciplinary situation…

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April 21, 2016

Bribery charge costs employer £2.25m

It is critical that employers put anti-bribery procedures in place, according to a recent high profile conviction which sent shock waves through the business world. A large UK organisation, Sweett Group Plc, became the first to be convicted and fined for breaching the Bribery Act 2010, leading to a fine and legal costs totalling £2,250,000.…

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Could the National Living Wage be the final straw for retailers?

UK retailers are predicting that around a million jobs in the sector – a third of today’s total – will disappear by 2025 as technology and the rising minimum wage reshape the industry. From the 1st April all employers are required to pay employees aged over 25 years the national living wage. This is currently…

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Click, Click, Click…STOP! – Your LinkedIn Profile

We live in an age where image is everything. With the advent of social and professional networking sites, it has become more important than ever for candidates to present their best side to potential employers. So how can candidates survive being discriminated against just by the way they look online and how can employers make…

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The ups and downs of passenger lift safety

Recently, the BBC reported the shocking news that a woman fell into an open lift shaft at a Birmingham Coffee Shop. It will be some time before the events leading up to the accident in Birmingham are known, but reports indicate that the doors, on an upper level, were able to opened without the lift…

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March 31, 2016

Tougher Sentences for Health & Safety Offences

It’s the biggest change to Health & Safety legislation since the 70s… Now, serious breaches in Health & Safety legislation can lead to bigger fines and heavier prison sentences. With magistrates having much more power to issue heavier fines or even jail sentences, employers are now likely to face much harsher penalties for these breaches.…

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