July 22, 2020

Partnership with Tugela People: Helping SMEs Manage their Payroll

Moorepay has joined forces with Tugela People to provide a more comprehensive offering for their customers and ours.

The next step of our partnership

Yes, it’s official! After working as a referral partner with Tugela People for over two years, we are extending our partnership. Moorepay’s Payroll and HR Solutions will now form part of Tugela People’s portfolio, so that they can offer more flexible solutions to their customers.

Together, we will help SMEs to manage their people with ease.

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Delivering flexible payroll and HR solutions for SMEs

All companies need to look after their people and that’s especially true for small-to-medium sized businesses in today’s economic climate. This includes paying them accurately and on time, whilst making their experience as an employee positive. The addition of Moorepay’s Payroll and HR solutions means that Tugela People can provide a modern, cloud-based solutions for their clients in this area.

About our partnership

With the extensive HR industry knowledge and technical expertise that Tugela People have to offer, a more progressive partnership now makes sense. – Gary Boyes

Further to a very successful 2 years of collaboration, we are delighted to progress our partnership with Tugela People. This will enable our clients to enjoy Tugela People’s solutions directly, giving them access to a greater depth of support and technical expertise.

Gary Boyes, Chief Sales Officer of Moorepay, said:

“Moorepay has been working with Tugela People as a referral partner for a couple of years now. With the extensive HR industry knowledge and technical expertise that Tugela People have to offer, a more progressive partnership now makes sense.

We are pleased to announce that Tugela People will now be able to provide our market-leading, next-generation Payroll & HR solution directly to their clients, enhancing our collaborative partnership globally.”Returning workers and employees from furlough leave

Proven solutions, with a reputation

Paying 1 in 6 of the UK’s workforce, Moorepay, and its parent organisation Zellis, are a reputable and popular choice for a wide range of businesses looking for bespoke solutions to manage their people.

Thomas Schilling, MD of Tugela People, said:

“We are thrilled to extend our partnership with Moorepay, in addition to our solutions offerings for the people function within small and medium businesses globally. This will enable us to provide our clients with a reputable, proven, easy-to-use and flexible payroll and HR solution, imperative in today’s current business climate”.

About Tugela People

Providing cloud-based, easy to implement and manage payroll and HR solutions is the backbone of Tugela People.

Tugela People empowers companies to achieve their business goals with people-centric, cloud-based payroll and HR solutions. They deliver this through partnerships with best-in-breed technology vendors, using proven methodologies, to provide a Payroll and HR system that meet their customers’ specific needs.

Their dedicated team of HRIS experts provide a professional, responsive service, combining real-world international HR experience with in-depth technical expertise to audit, design and refine processes, as well as to select and implement payroll and HR technology solutions globally. They also offer a support service including implementations, project management, managed services, health checks and a range of training options on a retained or project basis.

Why Moorepay

Dedicated to making payroll & HR easy, we’re continually investing in our easy-to-use software, its rich functionality, and the flexible services our diverse customers demand. This partnership is our most recent way to bring the benefits of Moorepay to SMEs across the UK.

 To talk with our sales team, contact us on 0345 184 4615. 

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About the author

Karis Lambert

About the author

Karis Lambert

Karis Lambert is Moorepay's Digital Marketing Executive, having joined the team in 2020. Karis is CIM qualified, and keeps our customers up-to-date with Moorepay's market-leading knowledge and advice through our digital channels, including the website.

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