February 10, 2014

Cloud-based HR solution leads the way

UK-wide sales of Moorepayhr have continued their significant market growth, increasing by over 100% from last year.

The cloud-based HR solution, launched by leading payroll and HR company Moorepay less than two years ago, is now adding value to more than 2500 small and medium sized businesses.

Designed to eliminate many of the day-to-day administrative headaches facing businesses, Moorepayhr is a modern, integrated HR & payroll solution which includes everything necessary to automate pay and HR processes.

When it was originally launched in March 2012, Moorepayhr had hugely successful first year, which saw the product gain 1,000 new customers in just 12 months. 2013 has proved to be the strongest yet for Moorepayhr, more than doubling its sales year-on-year.

Moorepayhr is constantly evolving and is frequently updated with new features. There have been several additions to the system in the last few months including an updated Time & Attendance solution, which allows employers to easily and securely record employee working hours and site attendance.

Employees can clock in and out from their PC, mobile device, traditional clocks or bio-metric devices such as fingerprint scanners.

An exciting new ‘auto enrolment’ feature will also be added, which will help businesses become compliant with the latest complex pension legislation in just 10 minutes.

Gary Boyes, Director at Moorepay, said:  “The increasing popularity of Moorepayhr is due to its simplicity, self-service system and its speed of implementation. Plus, because it’s delivered via The Cloud, there is no additional software or expensive hardware to purchase.

“Moorepayhr will save you time, money and resources and is suitable for any sized organisation.”

HR and payroll software can have far reaching benefits for the individuals within a business – improving how they work and how they access and share information.

For more information about Moorepayhr, take at look at our HR software section.

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