July 23, 2020

Hey, Want to Trial Faster Payroll Payments?

Pay your employees faster. Instead of waiting three days for the cash to clear using a traditional Bacs transfer, with Faster Payments – it’s instant.

This kind of speed affords lots of flexibility. Whether that’s to collect the cash you need to pay your people, or to take extra time to ensure payroll accuracy; there are heaps of benefits with Faster Payments.

But maybe you’re worried about the cost of this ‘faster’ payment? Well, we’ve partnered with Mastercard who are all about doing well by doing good. And in this case, ‘good’ takes the shape of providing Faster Payments for free.

That’s right. FREE. And for THREE whole months. With ZERO setup fees.

So, What’s the Catch?

Well, you’ll need to sign a two-year contract, in blood.

Just kidding.

We promise that if you don’t want to keep Faster Payments at the end of the three-month free period, just tell us and we’ll cancel it. No charges, no hidden costs, no fine print, and no blood.

Why Trial Faster Payments?

Time is money. Time waits for no one. Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.

You’ve heard the age-old clichés about time. And if you work in payroll, you know just how true they can be, right? Because at the end of the month, there are plenty of things that can easily go wrong:

  • Oh no! We forgot to include that new starter in the payroll!
  • Argh! We’ve paid this leaver for the full month!
  • Nightmare! We’ve missed off the bonus payments!
  • OMG! Those leave calculations are all kinds of wrong!

What you need in these instances, is more time and more flexibility to make last minute changes.

With Faster Payments you’ve got two extra days to check your calculations are correct, two extra days to fix mistakes, two extra days to ensure payroll accuracy… Two extra days to breathe

Without that extra time, mistakes are costly. Because, whilst Jenifer Lopez’s love don’t cost a thing, chaps payments do. In fact, a chaps transfer is pretty pricey.

So, give yourself the gift of time, free of charge, for three months.

Another ‘Interest-ing’ Reason to Trial it

Employee salary payments and wages are, most likely, your biggest outgoing. With Faster Payments, all that cash could be sat in your bank account for two extra days.

That’s two extra days for interest to accrue – earnings you’re currently missing out on.

Depending on how many employees you have and how much you’re spending each month, that interest could mount up over the course of a year. Now, we’re not talking millions here, or even thousands. But it’s a good few hundred pounds, and that’s a nice, free-of-charge sweetener for you.

Find Out More

If you’re interested in the flexibility that the Faster Payments service offers, speak to a member of our lovely sales team to sign yourself up to your free trial. Simply call us on 0345 184 4615 or Book a Demo.

Trial Faster Payroll Payments

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Amy Morrison

About the author

Amy Morrison

Amy is responsible for Moorepay’s customer communications as well as producing both legislative and topical content for the monthly newsletter and the website knowledge centre. With experience in digital marketing, communications and HR, Amy brings a range of skills to her role as Content & Communications Manager at Moorepay.

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