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Lomond Capital

Their software is the only HR software we use. We are extremely pleased with its functionality & the easy flow of data. I can’t imagine life without it!

About Lomond Capital

Lomond Capital, a leader in the property industry, boasts extensive experience and a commitment to excellent customer service. Since 2021, the company has grown through 40 acquisitions, creating a powerful network of regional sales and lettings agents under 12 leading brands. With over 40,000 properties managed from Aberdeen to Brighton, Lomond focuses on making the property journey seamless and profitable for clients. The team of 1,100 thrives in a culture that aligns with the company’s values, ensuring continuous growth and market leadership.

What we did for them

Thornley Groves Estate Agents, part of the Lomond Capital Group, was growing fast but struggled with old-fashioned HR processes. They needed a user-friendly HR solution that was secure, strong, and could adapt to their expanding needs.

Working closely with Thornley Groves’ team and the executive PA (who used to handle manual data tasks), we understood their requirements. We looked at what they needed from an HR system, asked about future plans, and considered any legal rules for the property and conveyancing industry.

After a thorough review and a competitive process, Thornley Groves chose our HR Software in September 2013. The system has since evolved as the organization continues to grow.

Following a smooth integration period, the Thornley Groves team (now part of the Lomond Capital group) is highly impressed with the user-friendly features and automated workflows of the system. They can’t imagine working without it.

By centralising all employee data and automating tasks like right-to-work documentation, the Lomond Group can swiftly address employee and team issues using easily accessible data. This ensures all teams operate at full capacity and offices aren’t affected by understaffing.

The Lomond Group can now quickly identify issues and efficiently plan their people management across the entire group. They utilise all aspects of the Enterprise system, handling employee data, tracking holidays, managing personal data, generating reports (including reporting for tracking absenteeism), and efficiently managing company assets, such as laptops and smartphones assigned to employees.

We can now ensure all teams are operating at full capacity from a quick glance at our data.

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