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Policy Expert

Policy Expert

The team are collaborative, efficient, and always open to having discussions to ensure they fully understand our needs — all of which means that they’re able to support us in the best way possible.

About Policy Expert

Launched in 2011, Policy Expert had an ambition to reinvent the way insurance works. Feeling that the market was ‘behind the times’ and overly confusing, the business set out to provide a user-centric experience for people seeking home and car insurance.

Now serving over one million customers, the business employs 420+ staff across three sites in the UK: London, Milton Keynes, and Motherwell.

What we did for them

To manage its expansive workforce, Policy Expert had a previous HR system in place. But failing to fulfil the company’s requirements around varied working patterns, it still required the use of various Excel spreadsheets — leading to a process which was over-complicated and unnecessarily time-consuming. This disjointed approach meant that HR documents were stored in separate locations, making them difficult to pinpoint and control.

Additionally, using a system that lacked automation meant the HR department was spending valuable time on basic administrative tasks — a resource which could be better utilised elsewhere.

Since using our HR Software, Policy Expert has seen a number of benefits, most notably the value it has brought its agents in terms of visibility. Tori Cochrane, People Experience Manager at Policy Expert, commented that they: “…now have a complete and holistic view of all information, which has streamlined our approach to HR.”

With changes to personal details able to be self-serviced by employees, it has effectively removed the ‘middle person’ — freeing up valuable time for HR team members and managers in the process.

Furthermore, the overall efficiency of the team has been improved. Thanks to the use of automation, the HR team can now focus on value-added projects rather than admin – ensuring maximum impact, and return, for the business.

We have worked very closely with our account manager on any challenges that we’ve encountered along the way. They have responded to our requests immediately, quickly resolving any issues. They are always in communication with us and are extremely proactive.

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