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June 25, 2024

The cost-effective secret to employee engagement

secret to employee engagement

By Jacqui Summons, Non-Executive Director of Moorepay and Zellis.

We all know engagement strategies are good for business. I don’t need to go over the facts and figures you’ll have no doubt already pitched to the board.

A highly engaged workforce equals up to 81% decreased absence, 17% higher productivity, and 21% increased profitability. And so on.*

But when you get sign-off on your engagement strategy and it’s time to put it into action, there are so many tactics you may wish to implement across the whole employee lifecycle. And this is the problem many HR Directors face: there’s so much to tackle. But are we overcomplicating something that is actually very simple?

In my last two decades as Director for global businesses, I’ve seen HR teams repeatedly overlook the same crucial ingredient.

You only need one thing when it comes to increasing employee engagement, and that thing is integrity.

The best method to create a highly engaged workforce is to listen to what your employees want, commit to what you can do, and then do what you say you will, with integrity.

You don’t need to fill up fruit bowls, create volunteer programmes, or set up a shiny new reward system to make an impact. Your employees are on your side, and they will willingly tell you what they need to be more motivated – providing you give them the right opportunities to do so.

Once you’ve picked and communicated your priority for the year, you then you need to show them you’re honouring your promises. And how do you do that? Action your plan, tell your employees, and start the whole process over again.

From personal experience, I’ve noticed companies spend a lot of money on engagement tactics. Health and wellbeing apps, gym memberships, and first-class benefits sound great, but they don’t necessarily contribute towards the goal. When an organisation can’t provide a pricey package, I’ve seen them significantly increase engagement regardless.

I’ve seen huge benefits derived from giving employees a say in their business, through employee forums, focus groups, breakfasts with senior leaders, and ‘ask the CEO’ sessions. If employees feel their ideas are listened to and acted upon, it can have a powerful impact on engagement in the business – and all of that is free.

Being authentic as a leader, transparent about your decision making, and doing what you say you’ll do goes a long way.

Integrity is your most valuable asset. And the good news? It’s free.

*Harter, J. ‘Employee Engagement on the Rise in the U.S.’ Gallup

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Jacqui Summons
About the author

Jacqui Summons

Jacqui is non-executive director (NED) to the Zellis group board, helping to deliver our customer-focused vision of being the clear leader in pay, reward, analytics, and people experiences. Currently Chief People Officer at EMIS Health, Jacqui has a wealth of HR and technology expertise, with over three decades of specialist knowledge - from Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) to wellbeing, talent management, and digital employee experiences. Over this time, Jacqui has supported many businesses in improving their HR and payroll by understanding the importance of, and prioritising, employee experience.

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